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“The New York Times” convida os leitores a visualizar e comentar o projeto do seu novo site

MAY 6, 2013

New York Times invites readers to view and comment on their new website

afternoon The New York Times sent emails to registered readers to view the
prototype of their new website design. The new prototype website does not
include changes to the home page and section fronts, but rather new article
design and navigation. The purpose of the email is to get reader feedback prior
to any launch.

Click to

From the

What’s different

see many enhancements on article pages, including the following:

cleaner design
Richer integration of photography, video, interactive elements
and ads
Customizable navigation, accessible from every page
(The home page
and section front pages are not yet included in the

The NYT says that the prototype is designed for
Chrome 25, Firefox 17 and Safari 5.1, and is optimized for iOS 6 on the

In fact, the design change is most obvious on an iPad in portrait
where the responsive design comes into play. In landscape the design looks and
feels very much like a desktop version.