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lancearmstrong How ‘bout Baylor knocking on the door of Final Four??? @lukearmstrong & I went 2 see em play UT (which they won). At the time I thought, uh? – Home sweet home w/ @maxarmstrong1!!! Never been to Corsica? Imagine France, Ireland, Texas, and the Carribean all colliding in the Mediterranean. What a badass place. TeamRadioShack no Twitter (30) was awesome here in Crit Intl. Won the team classification again. This is the 3d Team GC win of the year for the team. Crit Intl done. Good racing on a... Leia o resto → (46)

Atenção à triagem (?) nas urgências da CUF Descobertas. Quem for aflito, que leve alguém para fazer barulho ou então fica na “seca”… Laurentino Dias surgiu hoje a falar sobre os últimos casos de violência entre claques. Va lá, ainda apareceu antes da Páscoa. O CJ da Federação podia ter reduzido o castigo de Hulk de 4 para 2 meses? Podia, mas preferiu “arrasar” o protagonismo de Ricardo Costa… BMRibeiro @AlexandrePais Infelizmente, estou plenamente de acordo. Não mancha a excelente temporada de Benfica e Braga, mas a verdade desportiva… Hermínio Loureiro demitiu-se... Leia o resto →

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LeviLeipheimer Sounds like that Tony Kornhoser guy got what he wanted, a bunch of attention and an interview with @lancearmstrong. Never heard of him B4! lancearmstrong Sea Change: Feds Deem Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists Equals (via @sfcriticalmass) Of course bike-centric infrastructure helps but not always reality. Encourage ur elected officials to fund these projects. 1 world 2 wheels. But this goes right 2 the core issue of relations between cars and bikes. Nobody is right or wrong here and both here 2 stay. #mutualrespect Had a decent chat w/... Leia o resto →

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  johanbruyneel Excited to announce the debut of casual clothing collection! Let me know what you think! Madrid-Marseille-Nice-Madrid-Nice-Madrid-Milan-Nice-Madrid-Paris-London-Nice-Ajaccio-Madrid. My 2nd half of March schedule… itsdouet @lancearmstrong Now available on youtube Thank God for youtube  LeviLeipheimer Support #liveSTRONG, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! – lancearmstrong Sad to hear about the passing of Fess Parker. To me this is all about a relationship. It’s bikes and cars. Both will be here forever. Awareness needs to exist as well as mutual respect. …just off the phone w/ Tony Kornheiser... Leia o resto →

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  lancearmstrong Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all. Wearing green?  LeviLeipheimer I hope the weather stays like this (sunny and 70) next week for Volta Catalunya!    

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  hornerakg Brutal day in Paris-Nice! On the gas all day! Link to the Oregonian Article: LeviLeipheimer 220km hilly/ mountainous/ small roads in 5 hrs! = destroyed peleton. I know I was smashed at the end. Now that was hard! Spent the whole day in the break w/ my teammate Tiago M. and 20 others. TeamRadioShack Paris-Nice Stage 6 Recap: A Successful Escape. #TRS #parisnice Phil Liggett and @TeamRadioShack rider @DarylImpey talk #LIVESTRONG w/ @livestrongcb – via @lancearmstrong #TRS @lancearmstrong & @darylimpey Visit South Africa: #TRS... Leia o resto →

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  hornerakg Crazy and exciting racing in Paris-Nice! Link to the article:   TeamRadioShack Stage 5 Paris-Nice recap: Sagan’s Surprise. #TRS #parisnice RT @livestrongcb: – Having a good time with @darylimpey at the LIVESTRONG booth #argus LIVESTRONGCEO Cool pic of Ed Ruscha @livestronghq – thx for coming by!   lancearmstrong Dinner at the crib here in Cape Town w/ a fun group. Listening to BEACH HOUSE. Check em out. – Not getting sick of this view here in Cape Town. Proud of Jenny Loehr!!! Living strong..... Leia o resto →

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    lancearmstrong Wear yellow at the Argus Cycle Tour and show your support for people affected by cancer. #cycletour #LIVESTRONG  Dinner at the house here in CT w/ @annahansen, @maxarmstrong1, @knollio, @darylimpey, @als101, @joedutton, Higs, and Richie. Fun times… I want 1!! RT @mellowjohnnys: Any Moltini orange fans out there? new Mellow Johnny’s Wool Jersey avail. online RT @LIVESTRONGCEO: 1 more day to vote – let’s change the world! Thanks for voting and helping to save countless lives – Bit of medical trivia – The Groote... Leia o resto →

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  hornerakg Snow + Tiny Roads = Paris-Nice excitement! Oregonian Stage 3 update:  johanbruyneel Cool video on @teamradioshack. Check it out!   TeamRadioShack Paris-Nice Stage 3 Recap: The Young and The ‘Old.’ #TRS #parisnice  LeviLeipheimer Check out Horner’s blog- Snow + Tiny Roads = Paris-Nice excitement! Oregonian Stage 3 update: (via @hornerakg) As we head south in France, it’s getting colder. As the mechanics wash the bikes, it immediately turns to ice! joelfelicio video profile on lance armstrongs new team radioshack lancearmstrong Welcome #LIVESTRONG team members... Leia o resto →

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  TeamRadioShack Paris-Nice Stage 2 Recap: A Calmer Day in Paris-Nice. #TRS #parisnice  LeviLeipheimer Another fast day from the tailwind in Paris Nice, team is working well together and trying to stay out of trouble for now. hornerakg Link to today’s stage update for the Oregonian: Retwitteado por LeviLeipheimer lancearmstrong – Look who got some new pages in their passport??? Just toured Spine Road Secondary School and saw the great work the @jagfoundation is doing. Giving kids a reason to dream BIG thru sport. Smoking kills. Your... Leia o resto →

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