Colunista do "Record" e do "Correio da Manhã", anarco-individualista e adepto do Belenenses e do Real Madrid, Alexandre Pais foi diretor do "24horas", de 2001 a 2003, e do "Record", de 2003 a 2013, tendo iniciado o seu percurso jornalístico no "Mundo Desportivo", em 1964.

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   johanbruyneel Back home from Paris-Nice. @teamradioshack had a rough week with some bad luck & guys getting sick but we left the race with a good feeling. TeamRadioShack Paris-Nice Final Stage Recap: #TRS #parisnice – @lancearmstrong and @darylimpey get some instruction from david with @thecycletour… Read More

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  hornerakg Brutal day in Paris-Nice! On the gas all day! Link to the Oregonian Article: LeviLeipheimer 220km hilly/ mountainous/ small roads in 5 hrs! = destroyed peleton. I know I was smashed at the end. Now that was hard! Spent the whole day in the break… Read More

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  hornerakg Crazy and exciting racing in Paris-Nice! Link to the article:   TeamRadioShack Stage 5 Paris-Nice recap: Sagan’s Surprise. #TRS #parisnice RT @livestrongcb: – Having a good time with @darylimpey at the LIVESTRONG booth #argus LIVESTRONGCEO Cool pic of Ed Ruscha @livestronghq – thx… Read More