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Readers Pay More for New York Times, Advertisers Pay Less

Pay More for New York Times, Advertisers Pay

the New York Times credit for consistency: All year long, it has been recording
ad business
 and a growing
consumer business
, and that’s what itreported again

Times says ad sales dropped 8.9 percent last quarter, while circulation revenue
climbed 7.4 percent.

Times blames the ad drop on “the challenging economic environment, ongoing
secular trends and an increasingly complex and fragmented digital advertising
marketplace.” It says it expects to see similar numbers for the rest of

But the
Times’ readers keep giving the publisher more money. It is selling fewer print
copies of its papers, but it is charging more money for them. And it now has
nearly 600,000 people paying for digital subscriptions, up 11 percent from the
last quarter.

Times’ ad slump is hitting both its print and digital operations. Print ad sales
are down 10.9 percent, and digital is down 2.2 percent. Here’s the breakdown by